Children's bicycles are among the children's cars

Time:2017-06-16 Author:admin Page view:5178

Children's bicycles are among the main types of children's cars. Children's cars include four major categories: Children's bicycles, children's strollers, baby walkers and children's tricycles. With the age of the child and the height of the purchase, choose the right size, the saddle height in the range of 435 ~ 635mm bike, buy vehicles should pay attention to the brake size.

The size is too large, the brake when children do not hold tight the hand brake, also can't stop. So, when buying, it is best to take the children to try together. In addition, braking force shall not be less than 50N. Otherwise, the car will not brake, causing harm to children. Children bicycle is equipped with protection (wheel balance wheel), which enables the rider to maintain a balance, so we should pay attention to when choosing whether to complete (about each), do not arbitrarily removed when in use, the parents must consider this point in the purchase and use of.