Baby carrier classification

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Children bicycle

Children bicycle chain cover is essential, the highest saddle height is equal to or greater than 560mm should be put in a children's bicycle disc cover or other protective device to cover the outer surface of the chain and the chain wheel on the meshing part, when the chain sprocket meshing at all when the disc cover in the diameter direction on the outer side of the chain and beyond, with other protective devices do not cover plate, it should be extended to cover the scope of the initial point into the sprocket chain on both sides of the sheet along the chain to at least 25mm. The highest saddle height less than 560mm children should be equipped with a bicycle chain cover, it is to complete the cover chain, sprocket wheel and the outer surface and edge, but also cover the inner surface of the sprocket and chain and sprocket teeth, to prevent the child finger into the hurt. Since children's bicycles are not used for riding on highways, they must be used under adult supervision when they are used, and they must not be ridden on highways.


Children tricycle

Children's tricycle is a popular toy for preschool children. It is necessary to pay attention to the content of harmful elements in its surface coating and meet the safety requirements. No protrusion shall be allowed in the prescribed area of the child's tricycle. As a result, the market has a dual purpose tricycle, which is used when a child rides a bicycle. The tricycle shall not have any pinch points that may be injured, any movable part that may be touched, and the pores between the two shall be smaller than 5mm or greater than 12mm, in case the child clamps his finger. For the use of children under three year old tricycle, such as small parts can be touched, the volume should be greater than the diameter of 31.75mm * 51,75mm oblique cut is a cylinder, to prevent children accidentally swallowed or choke into the trachea, causing suffocation and other serious consequences.

Children carts

The stroller is used before the Children Toddler Toys, using the object is no independent ability of toddler children before, so the purchase matters attention to safety, in addition to the firm structure outside the vehicle, the locking device insurance attention carts have a locking mechanism, the locking mechanism only if the insurance device without lock tight, once the locking mechanism failure, it will cause serious injuries in children. In addition the cart from around the seat height should conform to the standard of not less than 180mm, strap, belt, belt, fork cross buckle, belt and device can withstand 300N tension, without loosening, fracture, damage to the protection of the child as a result of the safety belt and the device is not strong and accidentally fell out of the car external damage. A permanent fastener that can be caught by the fingers or teeth of a child on a cart and shall not fall off or damage when subjected to 90N force from any direction.

In the use of the cart, the cart if you stay longer, should use the brake on the cart, to prevent slipping, no weight hanging on the handlebars, so that the center of gravity shift caused by the cart, the cart overturned, the children hurt, in use of the cart, adults can not leave the cart, let the children alone stay in the cart.

A baby walker is clearly a toddler's toy for easy handling

The car design and storage, so most of the time for a folding, the need to pay attention to is loose force locking device of Walker needs at least 90N, to prevent children jumping in the car, the locking device is loose, Walker self folding, the child fell out of the bus, causing accident. Use a toddler should adjust the level of the front seat position, pay attention to whether the child sit. Adults must be present when they are in use and must not leave. It is strictly prohibited to use dangerous places near the rugged slopes, stairways, bathrooms, kitchens, electrical appliances, etc.. No matter what type of baby carriage, you can not touch the sharp corners, burrs, sharp edges, so as not to damage the skin of children. Where the metal is welded, the surface shall be level and no cracks, burns or welds are not allowed. The stroller assembled, should be firmly assembled, all rotating parts should turn flexible.

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