Children's bicycle products are products that involve children's safety

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The product is related to children's children bicycle safety products, the relevant departments in China in 2003 promulgated the "toy safety technical specifications" national standards, and introduced compulsory product certification, the maximum possible protection of children's lives and health, safeguard the interests of consumers. The concept of the safety of toys are children in normal use or reasonably foreseeable misuse, the maximum to avoid some defects due to its damage to children's toys, these defects may come from design, manufacturing process or manufacturing materials. Inspection of key components, in accordance with the relevant regulations, relates to the safety of baby stroller products, including children's bicycles, children's tricycles, children's carts, baby walkers, toy bicycles, electric baby carriers and other toy vehicles. Some of these vehicles are mainly pushed by adults, such as strollers. Some are mainly operated by children themselves, such as children's bicycles, tricycles and so on. These vehicles not only have some small components, such as more folding handrails, conveyor belts and other functional components, these components once the quality problems or failure, will not only affect the use of vehicles, but also a serious threat to the safety of children. Therefore, consumers should pay special attention to the following key components in the purchase of children's toys, folding mechanism.YB16B-5-咖啡色.png

In accordance with the relevant standards of the handle or other parts of the folding mechanism of four wheel toy toy cart, stroller, toys bassinet and similar toys, if the handle or other components may be folded and pressed on the children, at least one of the main locking device and an auxiliary locking device, the two device should direct action in the folding mechanism; when the toy car after installation, at least one of the locking device can be automatically locked. At the time of purchase, consumers should not only check for adequate equipment, but also examine their quality carefully. The hand grip on a child's cart has failed and the child's hand has been injured.

Drive chain or belt. The transmission chain or belt of a child's bicycle should be protected against the touch of the vehicle. If it is not used, the cover shall not be removed, such as the wheel, chain, etc. of the bicycle. Reporters often see in some small commodity market completely does not meet the requirements of children's bicycles, children active, curious, once the hand into the rotating wheel, the consequences will be unimaginable.

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