Standard for children's bicycles

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May day standard"

In November 2011, in order to help more parents to buy baby stroller, baby stroller industry world hardcover carrier three Heshun once again raised the stroller (especially children bicycle) to buy "51 standard": carry a carry, touch, a shave, a look, a ride.

Take a lift

Take a lift and feel and judge the weight of the baby carriage. The weight of the baby carriage is mainly determined by the thickness of the steel tube of the frame. To a certain extent, the weight of the baby carriage is heavier and more stable, that is, the safer.


Touch the surface: touch the surface of a child's hand, leg, and possibly touching parts, with sharp pointed edges, sharp edges, and protrusions.


Scraping, painting: nail scraping coating, surface coating whether there is obvious shedding phenomenon.

Scraping decals: nail scratch, decals, surface decals, whether there is obvious fall phenomenon.

Have a look

Take a look at the enterprise: look at the history of the brand purchased, the scale of development, economic strength and brand personality, but also to consider its market share and product reputation.

See: see whether components cover the inner surface of baby stroller cover chain, sprocket wheel, the flywheel and the outer surface of the edge and chain, sprocket at. If not from these parts, children's fingers can be inserted into the touch, it is possible to run children's fingers and hurt.

Take a look at the welding point: see whether the surface of the welding surface of the baby carriage is smooth, whether there is any crack, burn through or not weld through and so on.

Have a ride

Have a ride, feel fit: the feeling is the right size for your baby stroller. Especially the brake size if not, it may cause children's lack of grip handle, when riding not brake the car, prone to accidents.

Have a ride, feel strong feeling: stroller parts and parts welding saddle if there is enough supporting force.

Have a ride, feel the flexibility: feeling stroller rotating parts operation is flexible.

Have a ride, feel close to feeling: baby stroller sleeve and the relative rotation between the horizontal tube is there. If the combination is not tight, when the child rides a bicycle, because the sleeve is skid, the operation is not easy, and the accident is easy to happen.

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